Saturday, February 28, 2009

Down with the flu

I know, your probably thinkin...MAN, these people are real sick like!! Normally we are a pretty healthy bunch, but the kids have been bringing it home from school one after the other!! I had just said to the hubs how great I felt that the two of us had managed to stay so healthy when the kids have been barfing, sneezing and coughing left and right. Well, knock on wood... the following day I fell ill. Next time I'll keep my mouth shut!!

Needless to say, I have been under the weather and therefore uninspired.
The girl lost a tooth and you can see she is very proud. I was grieving the loss of that tooth, as it means my baby is not such a baby anymore!! Once they get those big chompers in they look so grown up!

I ordered another apron from etsy. It's the pretty little white one with the little pink rose buds.
I think I like to look at them more than I like to wear them. Weird...I know.

I discovered an old school photo of my Mom. It almost got tossed in the trash. It was hiding in an old box of junk that I was going to toss out. I can thank the Hubs for for saving it. He couldn't bare to throw the box out until he new exactly what was in it. That's the pack rat in him.

My Dad gave me these three pocket watches. One belonged to my Great Grandfather, one to my Grandfather and the other to my Dad. I didn't know what to do with them, so I keep them on display. Every now and again the kids will wind them just to hear them tick.

I rearranged a few plates just for a change.

I filled this jar with what remained of our vacation sea shells. They scream summer to me!!! It's a much needed reminder that spring is just around the corner. Lordy!!! I can't wait to open the windows around here and air this joint out!!!!
Hope everyone is well. I look forward to catching up with yall!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

OK...If yall have not heard of the Cottage Chic Store you should definitely check it out!!! Here are a few of my favorite photos from their website!!

My bed is very similar to the one in this photo, but it is pine. The hubs and I bought it just before we were married. This photo has inspired me to paint it!! It's something that I have wanted to do for a long time and I think I am going to officially add it to my spring to-do list!

Isn't this the sweetest little play house!!

Shouldn't we all have a mixer and toaster like these!!

Love the wicker in the kitchen!!

This is similar to the blue that I just chose for my kitchen. I hate it in my kitchen!! Why can't it look like this in my house!!

This kitchen is small, but I love small kitchens!! Sooo cozy!!

Open shelving is my fave!!

I love the painted doors on these cabinets!!

By the way...I chose to leave my kitchen green for the time being. The blue was blue!! I think I need to go with a more grayish, greenish blue. Does that make sense??? I'm going to see about finding a fabric for some new window treatments and then go from there. I'll be sure and let you know what I come up with.
Have a great week everyone!!

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Saturday, February 21, 2009


It's been an eventful week at our place. The kids are all on the mend and feeling much better. The boys had their final basketball games today, so now we have our weekends back... for a while anyway. Kids are off to Grandmas for the night, as it is Me and Hubs anniversary. Thirteen years!!! We went out to dinner, hit the bookstore, Marshalls and I actually got Hubs to go inside Hobby Lobby. He normally sits in the car. He even pretended to like it!! BONUS!!

I celebrated a birthday. My sweet friend Christen bought me these beautiful tulips. They have temporarily cured my cabin fever. Thank you Christen!!
This is today's Hobby Lobby loot. They had all wall hangings half off. I picked up this little bunny plaque for $5. I think it looks divine in my bathroom. The jars you see I picked up for next to nothing from...I don't remember where. They hold q-tips, soaps, cotton balls and what ever else. I posted about this sweet little girl silhouette a time ago. Well, I found her mate at the Cottage Porch. That's an adorable local shop where I sell my totes and tassels. I could not leave without him. Now they have been happily reunited.

More tulips for your viewing pleasure.

Hubs and stopped at the home improvement store and I picked up a gallon of paint. I have been longing for a change of color in the kitchen. I thought I would try blue, but now that I slapped a bit on the wall....I'm not so sure I can live with it.

So, then I thought maybe an almondy color with blue thrown in on the window treatments. Blahh! I don't like that color at all . Maybe I am just to picky. I will probably loose sleep over this tonight. I am the most indecisive person you will ever meet!

The current color of the kitchen is Garden Shed Green. You can see it in the back ground of the top photo. What's your vote ladies? Blue, almond or leave it green? I have exactly 19 hours to get it done before the little rascals come home! Hope yall are having a fabulous weekend!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lunch totes

Tuesdays to~do list included these lil lunch totes.
I whipped up a few and added one to my etsy store.

My daughter loves toting her lunch to school in style!
Hope you all are having a great week!!


Sunday, February 15, 2009


These winter days seem to be dragging on and on and on!! One of the kiddos had another bout with the stomach flu last night. The carpet in the boys room fell victim to partially digested pizza and a hot fudge sundae~sorry if your eating while reading this!! At 1:30 this morning the boy woke me up to inform me of the mess. With one look and one whiff...I thought screw it!! I tended to the boy, tucked him in on the sofa, closed the door on the mess and went back to bed!!! Gross...right?? I just couldn't deal with it. I was x!#!x# tired! First thing this morning I went in to town to rent the good ol rug doctor. It took all stains out of the boys carpet and I ended up cleaning the rest of the carpets in the house as well. It feels so good.... and I can check that off my spring cleaning list. To freshen things up a wee bit more I decided to whip together some spring like pillows. I ran across this waverly print at the fabric store a few weeks back. It wasn't cheap, so I just picked up just one yard and made these pillows.

There are hints of blue in this pretty little picture and I thought the two would compliment each other well.

We purchased our cream sofa a few years back and I am still in love with it. When I grow tired of one look, I can just switch up the pillows for a whole new one. Anything goes with cream....right!!

I think this pillow is just what this wicker rocker needed...

Do yall think it would be to much if I added ball fringe to these pillows??

Monday, February 9, 2009


This bathroom cabinet was oak....not my favorite. My eye tends to be drawn to painted furniture. The counter tops were a laminate green...ICK!!! I needed a quick fix that would cost me next to nothing!! I painted the counter tops. Yes, I said I painted them! A good sanding, primer, couple coats of paint and a clear sealer. They have held up extremely well!!! The color was not what I expected. I was looking for more of a stone color, so I may end up redoing them when I have some extra time. But for now.....soooo much better than that blasted green!!!

See the big covered tureen...That's where I hide my toothpaste and all the other ugly stuff that I can't find room for in the drawers. Oh, and Wouldn't this picture look sooo much better with a pretty new faucet. I'll be watching those clearance sales to see what I can come up with and I suppose I should look for a pretty little hand towel to hang on that bare towel ring.

I painted the cabinets white and added the decorative wood pieces to the top two drawers. I picked up the black knobs from Hobby Lobby for a couple bucks a piece. I removed the two doors from the front of the cabinet and added a black toile skirt. Simple and no sewing required.....right up my alley. I just draped the fabric over a tension rod. Voila!!

The main light fixture in this bathroom is on the wall above the mirror. I wanted a chandelier, but did not want to do the electrical work that it would require. I picked up this piece of junk light fixture for one dollar at a tag sale. It's not in working condition, so I figure I'll add a few candles to up the cute factor. The ribbons you see all crazy messy...well, they hold up my shower curtain. They used to be all pretty and perfect, but you all know what happens when you have kids.

All in all.....It cost me under $20 to pretty this bath up a wee bit. Not to bad if I do say so myself.

Hope everyone is doing well!


Sunday, February 8, 2009


The kids collected a gazillion shells from the beach!!

I saved some of our favortite small ones and glued them to a cheap wooden frame. I stuck a favorite photo from our vacation in it.

What a great way to remember our trip!


Home at last and great memories made!
Back to reality and the freezing cold Michigan weather!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009



How do these people get so lucky?? Seriously!!

I could not help myself!! As we were strolling down the beach, I just had to snap some pics of these beautiful homes on the Gulf.

I think I'm going to start playing the Lotto!!