Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Here ya have it!! The before pics of my kitchen.
Did you just throw up in your mouth a little bit?!?!?
Be sure and scroll down to the previous post for the after photos!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This was going to be a before and after post until I realized that all of my before photos are stored in my other computer. So, I'm going to do this backwards. I'll start with all the after photos and tomorrow I'll post the ghastly before photo!! I feel like I finally have a kitchen that I love!! Yes, it's small, but it's very functional and works well for our family. I tend to like cozy better than gargantuan anyhow!! I moved the window treatment way up!! In fact, it's only covering about an inch of the window. I love it that way because it gives the illusion that my window is much larger than the dinky size it really is and I'm not blocking any of the natural light that brightens up the room!!
I had to put the rooster in this post just for Tracey!! Oh, and my gorgeous Johnson Brothers most recent junk store find!! MMMMM...and that candle you see is from TJ Max. It's a Yankee Candle normally around $15 for a jar that size. I paid $7.99. I burn candles every day...hence the title of my blog!!!

There's those tablecloths turned curtains again!! I love the way they look against my new picture frame moulding/paneling.

Plates, plates and more plates!! If you haven't noticed by now I love plates!! Hubby still thinks it's goofy that I hang them on the wall.

I found this rug at TJ too. I love the brown and blue combination. It also has a wee bit of red/burgundy in there which ties into the colors of the family room.
I love my three storage jars!! I keep flour, sugar and cereal in them. With such limited cabinet space it works out great and I love how they look!!
I still haven't decided if I'm going to leave the doors off or on this cabinet.

Well, that's it!! My kitchen is finally done!! MMMM...besides the window trim that is. I'm thinkin I'm gonna tackle that later this summer. I'm planning on doing a nice wide sill for my plants to sit and look pretty!!
Stay tuned for those before pics of my kitchen.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


My first tulip of the season has opened on this beautiful Sunday afternoon!! Have a peaceful and relaxing Sunday everyone!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009





Friday, April 24, 2009


I finally attached the crown moulding to the cabinets on the other side of the kitchen. See the corner below....It gave me Heck!!! I finally called it quits on trying to make it perfect and just caulked the heck out of it!!

See the bubble on the side of the cabinet below. Well, it's not really a bubble but a large misguided nail!! My bad!! That was another rip my own hair out moment!!!

I think that it has finally dawned on me why hubby gets so crabby when he's working on house projects.

So anyway...I'll give it a coat of paint tomorrow and I will officially be done. With this project anyway.......

Then I'm on to what you see below. This was my painted counter top. The paint was a quick fix until we actually got around to replacing it. I tore up the counter top today and picked up the tile you see from Lowes. I wanted the look of a solid surface stone on a next to nothing budget. Well this is what I came up with. Tile in Rialto white. It all cost me around $25. I didn't need any other supplies as we already have a tile saw, grout and adhesive. Somewhere down the road I think I will add a more decorative edge to the top of the tiles that make up the back splash and of course replace that faucet. I tried to talk Hubby into it today, but he was having none of it!! LOL.

Tomorrow Hubby gives me my first lesson with the tile saw!! If it's anything like the miter saw it should be a piece of cake!!
Oh, and I wanted to show you my bargain find of the week! I have wanted buffet lamps for forever, but didn't want to spend the money on them. Well, I was picking up some groceries at Walmart and I always have to do a quick up and down through the housewares department. Glad I did this time because they had these Better Homes and Gardens buffet lamps clearanced out for five dollars a piece!! I think that they look pretty darn nice for five bucks!!

I have also been rearranging as usual. I moved the kids silhouettes from above the couch to this smaller wall.
And hung my barn star above the couch. I'm not sure If I like it there. It seems a bit boring.

I used to have a mirror hanging where you see the picture below. When I moved the mirror I had to put something in its place because there is a big hole in the wall there where a sconce used to hang. Well, I could use a little advice on how to arrange things around this hole because it's driving me CRAZY!

I feel like I just rambled on like a crazy lady, but this is what has been happening around here over the past few days. I'm so glad the weekend is here and I can make my rounds and visit all of you lovely ladies and your blogs!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What's going on in the garden
Hubby is sportin this new hat....

stringing off the beds in VERY straight rows.....

kids are doing their chores.....

Now, Let me introduce you to the beast. This is our 1986 Ford F-150. Let's just call it our garden truck!! I drove this beauty up to the Landscape supply and filled her up with three yards of mulch!!
A view from my front window. Ahhhh....fresh mulch!! Oh, and look at my baby magnolia. She has lots of blooms this year. If you look close, You can see our baby fruit trees off in the distance. I gave them a blanket of fresh mulch too!
Thank you Lord!! Spring has sprung!!!

What's going on in your garden???

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A few goodies listed today over at my Etsy!!





Monday, April 20, 2009


I thought I'd join in on this cool thing called Blue Monday hosted by

You all know that I have plenty of blue to go around these days.

I found these Johnson Brothers dishes last weekend!! Just what I need...more dishes!!

I actually only wanted to by the platter, but the gentleman would not split up the set. Ohhhh bummer....I had to buy them all!! I love em!!

I have a few strays that I plan to list over at my etsy store tomorrow if anyone wants to add some blue beauty to their nest!!

Have a wonderful Monday!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


It feels good to back!! I had a bout with food poisoning/intestinal flu??? It wasn't pretty...but lets just say I got a nice jump start to any spring diet plans I had! Hee Hee.

I thought I'd do a little post about my fireplace. This was a dark brown and black brick before I took the paint brush to it. The mantle was oak. I love it now that it's fresh and pretty, but the black and brass doors have always been distracting to my eye!!

I have been brainstorming on how I might hide it in the warmer months when it's not in use. I thought if I ran across some old shutters I could screen it that way. Well, Luck hasn't been on my side in the shutter hunting department. Then it hit me. I have all this old fabric lying around...why not hang a curtain of sorts?!? So, this is what I came up with. I just draped it over a tension rod and VOILA!!! It's not my favorite fabric. I will eventually replace it with a more appealing toile or something a bit lighter for summer, but I'm just so happy I finally solved this decorators dilemma!!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!! I'm enjoying 70's and sun!! Yipeeee!


I received the chandelier decal that I won from Amy at Whisperwood cottage!! I was so excited when I found the package on my doorstep!! I must say it was really easy to work with and went on very smooth! I have yet to peal the clear sticker away from the chandelier itself . I'm going to try it out in a few other spots around the house first.

For now it hangs above the couch downstairs, but if you all haven't noticed by now I move things around a whole lot!! Who knows where she'll be hangin next week!?!?
Thanks again to Amy over at Whisperwood Cottage!! Smile.....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Have a blessed Easter.


It looks as if we have a couple of Trespassers!!

Looks like they're settin up camp!!

Let's creep in for a closer look...

Looks like this young lady is tidying up her shack. that's where my birdhouse went!

The boy snatched an old chair from my chair stash to make his shack more comfortable.

Looks awfully cold.
I think they are pretty darn cute so.....

I guess I'll let them stay!