Saturday, January 30, 2010


Another Hobby Lobby clearance has added some much needed light to the dungeon(our basement)! I thought the little ruffles were so sweet and the polka dots too.

I found the black picture frame in the clearance isle too. It has a small ding that I will touch up when I feel like it (probably never).
I added the sheet of scrap book paper and a black and white of hubby and his brother. Now I just need to center that picture don't I.

That's all for now folks. It was another busy week and a Saturday of basketball games. Now I'm just snuggling down with some peppermint tea................................
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm still doing the happy dance!!!Happy Dance!
Happy dance!!

To my hearts delight...look what I found at Goodwill!!! Brown transfer ware! Not all pieces are in the most pristine condition, but do I care? Nooooooooooooo! I think most of us, love the things that have been really loved on in their past life. Am I right? I started my collection of red transfer ware a few years ago and from then on my love for dishes pretty much spiraled out of control. Not long after my red collection began, I started collecting blue. As of late, I have been patiently waiting for some lonely, brown trasfer ware to turn up in one of my local thrift stores and low and behold my patience paid off! My sick plan is to display the brown in the fall, the red in the winter and the blue in spring and summer.

When I'm finished doing my happy dance over these dishes, I plan on snuggling up with a cup of tea and this book I found for $1.99.

I also found this letter E for $1.

And this clock I thought would be perfect for the girls room!

Definitely a good day a Goodwill!
Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


OK, I ran across this idea on some lovely blog...just can't remember which one. Well, You know who you are and thanks so much for the idea! This was so easy! The most difficult part was finding the burlap. It seemed every store in this town was out. I ended up running across some burlap bags and our local TSC and snatched them right up. I used an old wire hanger and cut the burlap into two inch strips then fed them onto the hanger. I turned this house upside down looking for a cute Valentineish ribbon, but no luck. I ended up using a scrap piece of fabric to make the bow. Now if I could only decide on how to tie the bow, where to place the bow and where to hang the wreath. Pathetic I know. The front door
The mirror

china cabinet
China cabinet


What's your vote?

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Now that all the Christmas garb is packed away and I have cleared the cloud of dust that resides when it's gone, I have been moving things around a bit. This table used to sit clear across the room next to my sofa. Now it sits in the dining area and holds some of my transferware dishes.

This old window has lived in every room of my house. I have just never found a spot where it looks at home. I thought I'd try hanging one of my favorite photos on it and I do like it!

My sister gave me this burlappy looking pillow cover from the Pottery barn...she gives me all her castaways. Thanks sista!! A little wrinkley but nothing around here ever looks perfect.
One of my favorite rooster tassels and my favorite vintage mirror now hangs behind this table.

I found these candle sconces at walmart on clearance. I paid $5 for the pair. I added the glass candle holders and the chandelier crystals to dress them up a little more.

Valentine candies have replaced all the Christmas balls and greens.

A new parade of this and that now displayed on the mantel.

Home Sweet Home!

I found this letter M on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I was going to paint it, but I think I'll wait till spring..............I'm still in hibernation mode!

Hydrangeas saved from last summer in my blue Goodwill pitcher.....always a favorite!

I moved this picture from the boys room to the mantle and the apothecary is full of seashells from last years travels. Going for a bit of a beach theme I suppose. If your wondering why the glass looks broke it's because IT IS! All of my kids had friends over last week and while the boys played quietly, the GIRLS ran around like screaming animals ! Needless to say, my very nice picture with the barn wood frame fell from the mantle and the glass was broke. Booooooo...

Some of my favorite black and white family photos. I love to display family photos. Lots of them!

My favorite barn sale purchase ever!!! My big ole rusty barn star!!!

and last but not least a new urn to help my kitchen utensils look their cutest....and a bowl full of clementines. My kids eat these things like they are going out of style!!!!

The winter actually seems to be going by quickly this year! I'm thankfull for that!! I wish I had more time in my schedule for blogging, but it's hard to juggle it all...I'm sure you know what I mean. I miss getting around to all of your blogs weekly like I used to be able to do!!
Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


It was a quiet day here today. I made a great big pot of venison stew and let it simmer in the crock pot all day. I used our home grown potatoes(still two tubs left stored in the root cellar), our home grown onions(best and sweetest onions I have ever had!), the last of the garden carrots and venison brought home by our oldest a couple months ago. The house smelled so wonderful! Santa brought the girl her very own mp3 player for Christmas. She wanted it to have a case for safe keeping, but there was nothing to suit her fancy at the store. I told her if she could find some scrap fabric that she liked in my fabric/JUNK closet I could whip one up for her in no time.
She chose polka dots and at my middle sons request, I added a pocket in the front for her ear buds. Out of pure laziness I hot glued the little ribbon and little pink tassel to the front. It will hold...that's why hot glue is my best friend!

Anyway, in the end she loved it and will be taking orders from all her little girl friends!
Hope you all had a peaceful and relaxing Sunday as well. Back to the ole grind tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You can sleep here.We can sit here with our cold drinks, smell the water and enjoy the breeze blowing through our hair.

I'll use my super cool new mixer to make fresh muffins.

We'll sit in here and enjoy the muffins and some fresh fruit for breakfast.

This will be my room.

When it's so cold outside that your snot freezes a girl is allowed to dream! Right?!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well, it's a brand new year!! A Brand new year always means a brand new list of projects that I would like to accomplish around the house. Projects done on the cheap of course!! Our home is for sale, but that certainly doesn't stop my mind from dreaming up things I could do to add some much needed character!! First on my list is to add some decorative trim work to the walls in our living room.

I'm picturing something like this, but with soft blue walls like the beautiful bedroom below. Isn't this bedroom beautiful!!!

I like the beaded board in this room, but I think I'm leaning more toward the board and batten look.
This is my favorite photo so far and I think this is exactly the look I want, but I want the paneling to be higher...possibly three quarters of the way up the wall.

It adds so much character and warmth to a room!!!
So many possibilities! Now if I could only make up my mind!

Second on my list is our laundry/mud room. It's a teeny tiny space and it's completely visible from our kitchen. We have new front loaders that are very attractive, but I still don't want to have to look at them all the time.

I would like to add a counter top over them and then skirt the front of them with a cute and frilly fabric.

MMMM...I'd love to have a laundry room as big as this one!!

I love this shabby green cabinet!! I wish my laundry cabinet was as organized as that. It definitely inspires me to make organization number three on my list of New Years projects!

This is my favorite inspiration photo. It almost looks like they used and old table to top the washer and dryer, or maybe they just added the legs??? I love it and I love the cute little curtains. Definitely the look I'm going for.

I had also thought about bi fold doors like the ones pictured below, but I think I'm definitely stuck on the cute little curtains!

Now if only I could muster up some motivation!! These extra pounds packed on during the holidays and this cold weather have put me in hibernation mode!!!
Hope everyones New Year is off to a great start!!!