Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just Beachy!

I'm lovin the shutters!

I'm loving the blues lately. What do you all think of the stripes on the farmhouse table?? Kinda different.

My jaw hit the floor when I saw this head board.

photos~Coastal Living

Friday, January 30, 2009

Gasperilla Island

Oh my!! Can we stay here forever??

The men in my life
The girl and I

The oldest

our middle guy

The middle guy sifting for sharks teeth

The little beach Goddess!
It's gorgeous here and we are having a wonderful time!! The girl is feeling much better, but the oldest fell ill yesterday afternoon. He was up all night with the most violent vomiting that I have ever seen. I was so worried he would dehydrate. He's feeling a wee bit better today. When he heard the guys were all going fishing tonight he bolted out of bed and threw all his gear on. Nothing like a little fresh Ocean air to cure the sickies!!
Thank you all for the sweet comments. It has been so much fun getting to know such very kind people!!
Till next time!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day number three!!

We made it to our destination safe and sound!! The girl had the stomach flu on day two of the drive. Poor thing...I sat in the back of the van with her to hold her hair and the ice bucket that we hocked from the hotel. She probably picked it up from one of those icky rest stops. Who knows...I'm just thankful that it hasn't passed on to the other kids!! Knock on wood!

I have some great photos to share , but have been having trouble uploading. I am wondering if my SD card may need to be replaced?? The weather has been beautiful and we have spent the last two days on the beach. There were dangerous rip currents today, so the kids had to stay out of the water. They practiced their skim boarding skills instead.
Hope everyone is well!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lemonade award and One Lovely Blog award!!

I received the One Lovely Blog award from Madeline over at Thank you Madeline!!

I also recieved the lemonade award from Renee over at http:// This award is for bloggers with great attitude and graditude Many thanks Renee!!
I would like to pass theses awards on to...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aprons galore!

Look what came in the mail today!! My vintage gingham aprons!!

Check out the aprons over at etsy!! Fabulous!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Don't worry...this post is G rated. LOL

I think almost everything is cuter with a little ball fringe.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Uneventful day here today. Of course it's still freezing!!! Below zero last night.

Hobby Lobby is having some great clearance sales!! I picked up this cute polka dot frame for a couple bucks. I added a sweet little photo of my Mom and Aunt.

This is what I do when I'm bored....putz around the house switching things up. The girls lamp shade was looking boring and plain so I added a ribbon.

I made these letters months ago and just decided to hang them in the kitchen. Hubby said the last thing we need is to be encouraged to eat. LOL...True, I am trying to whittle my muffin top as we are headed to where it's warm in just a few days. The kids are ever so excited and counting down the minutes. Stay tuned for vacation photos of the fam basking in the sun.
Take care everyone!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Adorable daisies and random pics

Happy Monday everyone!!
I found this adorable picture at Goodwill. I am always drawn to pics of horses, dogs etc.

I picked up these cute, little juice glasses from Goodwill yesterday. I love the daisies!! They also had a great breakfast table that I was tempted to buy too. It had two little drawers, one on each side with little glass pulls. It was marked $30 and I just couldn't pay it!! It's eatin me up though and I am so tempted to go back and get it.

I bought this topiary a couple years after hubby and I were married.

I have yet to start my Valentine decorating. I suppose the chalkboard is Valentine ready!!

This is hubbies bed side table. Real masculine don't ya think?? LOL

Old books picked up from a garage sale last summer. They sit atop my mantel. My fireplace brick and mantel recently got a much needed make over.

You can see a wee bit in these photos, but I'll do a post on the whole process along with before and after photos later. It took me seven years before I finally decided to just do it. So many people discouraged me like painting brick is such a sin!! I am soooo glad I finally did it . I love it!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


Sunday, January 18, 2009


I used ring clips and just doubled up the extra fabric at the top and foofified it. I love them!!

Breakfast table and a spring tassel

$50 bought me this table and four chairs. I must say it was a pain in the butt to paint, especially when your as impatient as I am. I prefer more instant gratification....but after the many steps and the clear coat finish I think it turned out pretty nice.

I was concerned about the finish on the table top not holding up to the kids abuse, but I must say it really has. A few dings here and there, but that alway adds character in my eyes.

I loved the detail on the chair backs. I'm still on the look out for a pretty fabric to cover the seat cusions. Until then I used this cheap fabric I found at Wal-Mart as a quick fix. Speaking of Wal-mart, did you all here that they are closing all of their fabric departments?? I was very bummed about that. I buy alot of my ribbon by the yard and toile fabric there.

I'm thinking spring and posting a photo of a spring like tassel!!

Isn't this little birdie so sweet!! It's nesting atop fringes of blue and cream. If ya'll are interested in dressing up your space for spring, this cutie is $17 over at my etsy shop.

Stay warm!!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Table cloths to curtains

Thank you all for your kind advice on my last post. Oh how would love to put a big cubbord or buffet on that wall, but I failed to mention that the room is to small for that. Tracey suggested that I leave it as it is because our house is for sale and who knows how much longer we will be here. Unfortunately I have something called ODD!! That is obsessive decorating disorder...Pathetic I know!! I did discover a great new blog. Be sure and check out Cynthias blog (Cynthias Cottage Design)!! While drooling over her adorable home, I noticed that she had hung aprons from her little shelf in her dining room. I may remove the teacups from my little shelf and try aprons instead. Of course, that means I'll need to be on the hunt for cute little aprons. Oh anyhow, I'll be sure and post photos once I make up my stinkin mind!!

So, I hit TJ Max on Thursday and hit the jackpot! I found two table cloths for $4 a piece. I loved the colors and I think that I will use them for curtains. I draped them over this rod to see if I could live with them or not. Well, I think I can. I'm thinking of adding a panel of coordinating toile and maybe some ball fringe to each one, and of course I'll have to paint that rod and move it up a bit higher on that wall. Now, I'm on the look our for an affordable area rug. I think that will add a lot to this space. Break up all that carpet a bit. Then it's on to those wall sconces. Maybe new shades, or maybe new sconces??

Mr. Rooster found a new home today. We'll see how long he lasts in this spot!

Hope your all well. It was below zero in my neck of the woods today. I didn't think my van was going to turn over this morning, but luckily I got her going and got the kids off to school safe and sound!!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Decorating dilema

I can't figure out what to do with this large wall space. It has bothered me since the day we moved in. The shelf and plate display has never really done it for me. Can anyone tell me what's missing?? I would love to repaint this room as well. I have grown very tired of the garden shed green.

Please, help a sister out and share your solutions to my decorating dilemma.


victorian farm

I have had my eye on this place for almost two years now. She sits up on a hill on eight, beautiful acres and I dream about her at night...that saggy porch and all.

Yes, our home is currently for sale and has been for just over a year. It's so frustrating and I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but just look at her. We keep in touch with the owner and the good news is that she currently rents it out. It seems like she is in no hurry to sell and so I hope this beauty will still be waiting once our house sells.

It's so hard not knowing where you will be in the spring. Especially since we have big plans for our gardens this year. Sigh....
Hope everyone is well. It's freezing here in my neck of the woods!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dream house

I picked this up at a tag sale for $3.

It doesn't look like much, but I could so live in a tiny house like this as long as I had my children and my hubby to keep me company. It looks so serene. I often think about what it would be like to simplify and leave all the clutter behind. LOL...I am such a clutter bug!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shhhh...don't tell!

My daughter wanted an American Girl doll for Christmas. Somehow I started getting that stupid American girl catalogue in the mail and she would spend hours thumbing through it, but Would I pay $100 for a doll?? I think not!! I think she's just as adorable and only $20 from Target!! My daughter loves her and she'll never know my little secret.

This is the girls tiny, little room. I think I have squeezed about all I can into this room.

Hot pink walls!! My fave!!! The dresser is from the Pottery Barn outlet. It has a large imperfection on the top. Do I care?? Noooo!! I'm all over those damaged goods, because they are cheap and they end up getting damaged at our house anyways!!

Thrifted jewelry boxes.

Did you all know that Goodwill gets shipments from Target every now and again?? I picked up this duvet cover there. It came with the sham and all. It was still in it's pretty little package and everything. It's a queen size, but I just tuck the edges under the bed.

I picked the chandelier up from a yard sale for only a buck. I gave it a couple coats of white spray paint, added a few crystals and it's lookin real girly. Is it just me, or is it hangin a little crooked. Ask me if I care. LOL.

Isn't this little doll adorable. My sister cares for a little old granny who makes these. She came with a few extra outfits and even a cute little pair of shoes. oooh, look at the dust on that shelf. Gross.

Like I said, this room is small and we have crammed about all we can into it. This is the girls doll house. It's behind the door, so she can't play with it unless her door is shut, but it works!!

You gotta love Target. This rug I picked up on clearance. It's covering up a huge stain on the carpet.

The window valance is a cut up shower curtain with ball fringe hot glued to the edge. It's tacked to the wall with thumb tacks. Yip, I'm all about using what I have.

There you have it....The girls room.

Have a great week everyone!!