Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lovely kitchens

Here are a few more kitchens that are just my style.

Living with a small kitchen can be challenging. I love the idea of using the bare wall space for pots and pans. Does anyone really have pots and pans as shiny as that??

I am all about the open shelving. I think it's beautiful!

I wasn't sure about the blue in this kitchen at first, but I think it's very soothing, and I love the island!

Having such limited cabinet space, this would be perfect for my kitchen. I would never think to hang it over a window. I like it! It's different!

This kitchen just screams warm and cozy!!

Again, I love the open shelving!

Photos:Cottage Living Magazine


Janene said...

Jen~You and I have the same tastes in kitchens!
You need to post yours so I can see how small yours really is!
Aaaaa! What would it be like to have any of those kitchens?!
I love to dream!

Ms. Tee said...

All of these are so pretty - I'm beginning to really like open shelving! Now if I could just keep it looking neat like that... ;)

Tracey said...

Hi Jen... I would like to give you this blog award....The "Marie Antoinette" for "real people" with "real" blogs. As it was my first award it took an age to work out! but visit my blog a take it! (I think thats how it works!)

Susie Q said...

My hubby is a cabinetmaker (and we rent, so I have a crappy kitchen). Anyway, he remodeled a TINY kitchen (maybe 5' x 7' once everything was ripped out) and he built a lovely drainrack like that to go over the door, managed to sandwich in a pantry and place for the fridge so it wouldn't be in the LR any longer. I loved that little house, but it would have been too small for us, even if I did sell the kids. Although once if we could have finished the basement, I could have put one of them down was 3 large rooms, bathroom and kitchen.