Monday, January 5, 2009

The boys first deer

The boy and his Dad.

The boy and his eight point.

Food for the table.

The kids first experience with the handy, dandy, hand grinder.

I made my first venison meatloaf and it turned out great!


Tracey said...

Wonderful! Dad looks so proud.....boy looks even prouder!
Tracey xxx

Janene said...

Hi Jen~I'm Janene, I just found your blog, and now I have to read more!
I have had my first taste of deer jerky last week and it was delicious! Tastes better than beef jerky!
The name of your blog was the first thing that caught my attention...very nice!
I too am trying to decorate my home, in the prim style, on a budget! But my crafting skills are very limited!
I'm looking forward to reading more!