Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This room looks so homey to me. Very cozy. I can picture the kids ploppin down on the sofa and smacking each other upside the head with the cute little pillows.

This bedroom makes me want to take a nap. What could be more soothing than blue and white??

Daisies in a blue vase...makes me long for summer.

Not so sure I could live with a blue sofa...but in looks lovely in this room.

This looks like the guest bedroom at Grandmothers house. Love that shelf!

I love all the different shades in this room...and the green accents.

Who wouldn't love to have breakfast at this bright and cheery table???

Love these buffalo check chairs. I think this blue might be brighter than my blue kitchen.

Love this bedroom!! So simple, no clutter!

~Photos..Cottage Living~

That's all folks. I have been digging through my inspiration file and thought I'd share some photos. Sorry that they are so small, but I think you get the idea. Not much new here. Hubby and I made a trip to Lowes today while the kids were in school. I picked out a new track light for the kitchen to replace the horrible eye sore that currently resides there. After Lowes, we stopped for pizza. Now that's my kinda date!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009


I finally had some time to get started on that chair rail!! The oldest boy had a friend over, so all of the kids have been busy playing outside today. Great time for me get some things done around the house!!

I recovered the kitchen seat cushions in a blue toile.

I quick whipped up this red gingham pillow. I like the red with the blue!!

I brought the outside bench inside for who knows how long. I used some leftover blue toile and
whipped together a pillow to pretty up the bench. I was at Walmart picking up some groceries and picked up this rosemary plant. It smells heavenly!!

And here is my first wall of chair rail. It went really well and I was surprised at how easy it actually was. I had a blast with the power saw and I think I may have found myself a new hobby. I'm already thinking about doing crown moulding on the kitchen cabinets.
Hubby gave me a quick lesson with the power saw and then left me to fend for myself. This is how we finished off the ends. Our doorways are not trimmed out, so we had to finish off the ends with a mitered return. I think it looks pretty good. The first return I made was a wee bit to big, so I had hubby do the second. There is one more that I will have to make and I think I'll try to do that one myself.

This end came out a little shorter than the other, but I'm not fussin about it. Good enough already!!

I painted all the trim around the floor white and now I need to caulk and paint the chair rail. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner!! I know...I said the same thing about painting the fireplace and the kitchen cabinets. To all you ladies out there who are putting off painting those wood cabinets or that outdated brick fireplace...Do it!!! Don't listen to your Mother in-law when she says..."You can't paint oak!" Gasp..."You can't paint that lovely brick fireplace!!" Just do it!! I'm sure you will love it and be so glad that you did!!

I received another award from Amy over at http://bubble-bubblesblog.blogspot.com/! Thank you very much Amy!! I think that you are amazing!! Amy has such a positive attitude and is so very inspiring to me!! Please stop in and visit her lovely blog!!

That's that for this post. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! I'm gonna light my favorite scented candle (yankee sprarkling lemon), and fix a nice hot cup of tea!!


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Go on and add a little ribbon.... Hows a bout some toile....

Maybe an old scrap of lace lying around...

How could I leave out the balls....

or ticking stripe....

and beads always look real charming!!!

Next time a plain, boring, clearance lampshade crosses your path scoop it up. You can always pretty it up with a little bit of this or a little bit of that!!

It's an award!! This one is from my funny freind Tracey. She always makes me laugh my arss off!!! Be sure and take a peek http://tracey-craftyscraps.blogspot.com/.
Night Night!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I won!! I can't believe it!! Skip on over to http://whisperwoodcottage.blogspot.com/ to see what a lucky girl I am!!!

Thank you so much Amy!!! I am so excited!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Another Hobby Lobby pit stop!! It's getting to be a bad habit. I tried to drive right on by, but somehow, someway, my foot always hits that brake peddle and my van always makes it's way to that right turning lane!! Darn it!!
I found this adorable little sign....

I loved the color and the detail...especially the cute little bird. I loved the price even more!! I payed a whoppin $3.50.

I added the ribbon....

and I found a very nice place for it to look adorable!!
I also picked up another bunny to add to my spring collection. With the half off sale, I payed $5.
Now for my latest bright idea...or we will find out anyway!! I ran across a very charming blog called Southern Hospitality where she gives a tutorial on adding picture frame moulding to your wall to give it a recessed paneled type look. Did that make sense???
Mind you, I have never used a power tool in my life, but I am always eager to learn!! I plan to start with the chair rail, which should be easy enough as this is a very small room. Small room=few cuts in this case. The only thing that I am still a bit hesitant on is the doorways. As you can see they are not trimmed out and I have no plans to do so...therefore I will need to learn how to do a mitered return??? Trial and error I'm sure it will be!!! Wish me luck!!

Off to watch the Waltons!!
Have a great night!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's spring for sure, but we're lookin ahead and preparing for next winter.Hubby has been cutting and choppin wood to keep us toasty warm next winter.

The kids have been real helpful!!
This was an enormouse tree that I was sad to see go, but it was leaning way to much and had to come down.

I have been hearing the ducks in the swamp back there. We are hoping for some little ducklings this year!!

Have a great week everyone!!


Saturday, March 21, 2009


I know...you have probably had it with me flappin my jaws about this room. Blah Blah Blah you say. Well, I'm feelin like bargain Betty today, so won't you please humor me while I brag it up a bit?

I'm sure you remember these curtain panels. In case you don't, let me refresh your memory. Two table clothes, $4 each, from TJ.

OK... Look what I brought home from my favorite fabric store. A vintage looking rose fabric. The kind lady sold it to me for $8 because it was the end of the bolt. Thank you kind, old, skinny lady with the bright red lipstick and the huge beaded necklace!! You made my day!! I think it coordinates pretty nicely with my curtain panels.
I just clipped it up there and hot glued some clear beaded trim to the edge. I'm in love!! Total cost...$16. I think this blue kitchen might be growing on me!!

I moved this old memory board from the office to the kitchen. I think the beige and blue look very nice together.

I couldn't resist adding a few more plates and platters to the wall. Don't tell, but the two smallest plates are actually hot glued to the wall. I told you that I am the queen of hot glue. They come off quite nice. Just wiggle them a bit and they pop right off. What else is a girl to do when she runs out of plate hangers???

Hope your all having a great weekend!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


No, that's not a monkey in that tree. It's my seven year old daughter!!


Get ready...Get set...


It's officially spring !! Thank you Lord!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have only a handful of memories of my Grandparents. One being, they were very forgetful! Often, they would forget what things were called and they would just refer to them as whatchamucallits. That has always stuck with me. Hence...the title of today's post. This is my whatchamucallit, because I really don't know what to call it!! The boy found a whole bunch of moss behind the barn and so kindly brought it to his Mom.
What shall a Mom do with her sweet boys gift?? What else than glue it to a ball a put it in her favorite urn!!

P.S.- Tracey,
I like your camel cusion. I think it needs some balls!!