Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tasseling Away

Is tasseling even a word!! This has truely become an addiction!! Once you start you can't stop. I have a tassel for every season and every holiday. I switch em up often and rarely will you find a naked lamp in my home!!

This is the featured tassel in my etsy shop this week. Classic black and white. Looks great hanging from just about anything!!

I also wanted to thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post. The majority of newer homes in MI have basements. Most being walkout or daylight. Ours is a daylight and it is a cheery space as it has full size windows. If we ever get that old farm house that I have been dreaming of I think I will really miss our basement. After all, it has nearly doubled our living space and is a great space for the kids to hang out with friends and do their thing. Anyhoo, Janene asked about the wall color and it is Bungalow gold and is from Lowes. Jenni mentioned the childhood memories she has of the old barn photo. I have those same childhood memories and that is why I scooped it up and brought it home. Odette wondered if we have a TV down there and yes we do. We actually have a nice big one... in the corner that I did not photograph. The funny thing is that we have a dinky 16 inch TV upstairs and that is the one we all tend to watch...go figure!! Oh and thank you Renee for your coffee ground tip. There are coffee grounds soaking up the stink as I type.
Have a great week everyone!!


Odette Bautista Mikolai said...

jen, forgive me for asking a stupid question,... but don't this cloth and tassel catch fire on prolonged exposure to lighted lamps?

Tracey said...

You are a very clever tasseler! Another new word...have you made any with balls?
Love Tracey x x x

Denise said...

Love that black and white tassel. So pretty.

Have a great day, Denise

Susie said...

I bet those cute tassels add so much to your lamps.

bubble said...

lovely! I wish i could do stuff like that!

Amy xxx

jen said...

Amy,Tracey and Odette,

Your blogs will still not allow me to leave comments. It's driving me crazy!! Am I just a moron...or are there others having the same issue???


Odette Bautista Mikolai said...

jen i wonder why this seemed to be an isolated case as other people continue to post comment on our pages. check out your settings, maybe you had accidentaly clicked on something there that prevents you from writing a comment.