Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's spring for sure, but we're lookin ahead and preparing for next winter.Hubby has been cutting and choppin wood to keep us toasty warm next winter.

The kids have been real helpful!!
This was an enormouse tree that I was sad to see go, but it was leaning way to much and had to come down.

I have been hearing the ducks in the swamp back there. We are hoping for some little ducklings this year!!

Have a great week everyone!!



bubble said...

lots of logs!
Steven chopped some logs for me to fill my fire place up until next winter...(since mum had her chimney fire, i wont light mine until i get a chimney fire place looks good though)
Amy xxx

Tracey said...

What an amazing place you live in!
I am so jealous...
Love Tracey x x x

jen said...

LOL at your Grandkids for sale Tracey!! I was feelin like doing that to mine today. I sent them all to their rooms instead!!

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Between your garden and the wood for next winter, you guys are certainly the ants and not the grasshopper :-)

Susie said...

Man that was a mighty looking tree. I imagine you got lots of logs from that!

Tracey said...

I just thought of something else....Please tell me he used a chain saw and not an axe?!?!
Digging an acre by hand and felling a tree by hand...superman or what!
Tracey x x x

jen said...

Ha!! Yes, he used his "mansaw"!!!

Kimberly said...

Doesn't it feel good to be prepared? The idea of wood fueled heat is so romantic; wish we had a fireplace!