Saturday, March 14, 2009


It's four in the afternoon and a beautiful day, but here I sit...still in my pajamas!! No, I'm not sick...well maybe a little sick in the head!! LOL. Yes, you probably can guess by the photos I've posted. It's those #%$& tassels again!! I Know, your probaly rolling your eyes about now!!

Seriously, this is just wrong! I've been whining and complaining about this long, cold and lousy winter. Along comes a beautiful day and I'm hanging out inside like a total house hog!! I'm sure I must smell like one tooo!!
Hubs is outside bustin his you know what chopping down LARGE oak trees with his man saw!! He put the boys to work hauling the wood and I put the girl to work vacuuming the house. Heee Heee....A Mom deserves a day like this every now and again. Wouldn't ya say??
Well anyhow, I suppose I'll pack away all the tassel junk and save it for a rainy day. I need to get out and enjoy some of that sun before it sets!!
P.S.-my tulips are peeking through!!
P.P.S-I am still not able to post on some of my favorite blogging buddies blogs. When I hit the post comment button nothing happens. Ticks me off every time! Am I still alone or do any of you ladies out there run into this problem as well. I checked all my settings and all is in order. Hmmm...I miss posting on your blogs Tracey, Amy and Odette!! I guess I could chat with yall on my blog under the comments section!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!


bubble said...

I love all your tassely things lol! I have problems commenting sometimes and it really gets on my nerves!

Amy xx

jen said...

Hi Amy!! Thanks for commenting. It is getting on my nerves!! I'll keep trying!!

Hope your feeling good!


jen said...


Looks like you had a great time at the museum!! I went to the museum with my daughter and her class yesterday. The teacher always puts me in charge of a small group of children. I always get at least one stinker in my group. Well, yesterdays stinker actually climbed into an exhibit and set off the alarms!! Mortifying!! LOL!!


bubble said...

oh no!!LOL! I thought today was bad with my darling 2 year old son...he thought it was very funny stomping LOUDLY on the old wooden floors in the quiet art gallery (maybe we should have walked past that part of the museum lol). I could not take a group of kids round one!!

Amy xx

Denise said...

While I fo LOVE the tassels, I agree, you should be outside!! We had a beautiful day here, too.

Have a great day, Denise

Tracey said...

Jen, I did wonder! thought you were ignoring me. (sob) lol!!! I love your tassels! You got all spring and summer to go outside!
Tracey x x x

jen said...

Lol. I could never ignore you!! I so enjoy your sense of humor!

I am not able to leave comments for anyone that does not have the orange publish your comment button. What ever!!

I really enjoyed your post about your grandkids visit!! They are so adorable!!


Odette Bautista Mikolai said...

so jen, you mean we have to bring back the irritating word verification again? i know i have asked tracey and amy to disable it coz we were having problems posting comments then.
ok, lets try that...

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Hey Jen, love your post and the tassel door hangers.
The posting gremlin occurs at times for me also - no rhyme to reason the the problem.
When I have indoor cleaning or projects I MUST do, I purposely stay in my PJs until the job is done.

Unknown said...

I love your tassels! That's one thing I haven't learned how to make yet, and I'm almost afraid to, seeing how addicting they are. Yours are so cute! You needed to be in Oregon today - it will be raining all weekend. Perfect weather for being indoors!

Susie said...

Cute tassels Jen! Sometimes me and Mr. Blogger don't get along either so you are not alone.