Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have probably had it with me flappin my jaws about this room. Blah Blah Blah you say. Well, I'm feelin like bargain Betty today, so won't you please humor me while I brag it up a bit?

I'm sure you remember these curtain panels. In case you don't, let me refresh your memory. Two table clothes, $4 each, from TJ.

OK... Look what I brought home from my favorite fabric store. A vintage looking rose fabric. The kind lady sold it to me for $8 because it was the end of the bolt. Thank you kind, old, skinny lady with the bright red lipstick and the huge beaded necklace!! You made my day!! I think it coordinates pretty nicely with my curtain panels.
I just clipped it up there and hot glued some clear beaded trim to the edge. I'm in love!! Total cost...$16. I think this blue kitchen might be growing on me!!

I moved this old memory board from the office to the kitchen. I think the beige and blue look very nice together.

I couldn't resist adding a few more plates and platters to the wall. Don't tell, but the two smallest plates are actually hot glued to the wall. I told you that I am the queen of hot glue. They come off quite nice. Just wiggle them a bit and they pop right off. What else is a girl to do when she runs out of plate hangers???

Hope your all having a great weekend!!


Mandy said...

Please feel free to brag it looks beautiful. I love the vintage rose fabric xx

Tracey said...

Really beautiful, you are the same as me, here we call 'us' bodgers, We bodge everything together, as long as it looks good, it doesn't matter how it was done!
Love Tracey x x x

Unknown said...

Brag away! It looks great! Oh, the things you girls do with your hot glue guns. I finally found mine, so look out!

jen said...

Then I am certainly a bodger!! Hubs just calls it half assed!! LOL

Janene said...

I am in love with this room!
The blue walls and now the valance...perfection!
Talk all you want about it, as long as you have pictures to share!

Susie said...

Hey Jen, I don't know if it is growing on you but the blue is definitely growing on me. It looks great!

Angie said...

I think it looks great and you are making me want a blue kitchen too!

Chloe's Couture said...

I love it! I like the collage of plates-esp the hot glued ones! Too funny! Don't worry, your secret is safe here.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Your kitchen has really come together...I love the fabric. You truly are the hot glue gun queen:-)
Your kitchen looks great!

Jenni said...

Hi Jen~
Your new curtain is gorgeous, and it looks wonderful in your kitchen! And I love that your other ones were originally tablecloths, and at such an amazing price! The plates look beautiful on your blue wall, too. :)

And just for the record, I love seeing and hearing about your newly painted room! Oh, do you remember when you were wondering about what to do about the ends of the wainscotting if you put some up? I have been thinking about this, and wonder how it would work to put some wooden corner round on the exposed edges? It is just moulding that is curved, but I think maybe it would work... I am using something similar on my cabinets...Sorry this is such a long comment! I hope you have a great new week! :)

Glitter & Bliss said...

I am so glad that you stopped by my little blog. Now I found you. I love your blog...all the white and blue is so lovely.

Monica said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for your lovely comment about my Spring pillows!
Your pale blue room is so calming (pale blue is my fave color!) and the memory board terrific!
Have a great week,