Saturday, January 10, 2009

Family photographs and a new addition to the kitchen

I love old family photos and my home is filled with them. For me, it makes my home feel like home!!

The above photo is very special to me. It's my Dad (middle) his sister, and is older brother. His older brother was mentally challenged and was tragically killed in a tornado when he was just 16 years old.

On a lighter note, these very grumpy looking people are my fathers Grandparents, my Great Grandparents. It's a really neat old picture, but to be honest....sometimes they creep me out a little!

This would be my Mother in her high school cheer leading uniform.

Another picture of my Dad. I see so much of him in my oldest boy.

My sisters! Aren't they so sweet!

Here is the new addition to the kitchen. I've actually had this little cubbord for a while. It's previous home was in the laundry room. I very sloppily painted it a pretty green, as I am a very lazy painter. In fact, I really hate it's guts!! Anyhow, I then sprayed the center with a little chalk board paint and I think it's lookin pretty cute in the kitchen.

Now let me show you the inside. Because of my constant struggle with lack of storage space in our tiny little kitchen, I decided to do this. I relocated all of our spices, food coloring etc. to the cute little green cubbord. That leaves me with a little extra, much needed storage in our kitchen cabinets. Oh how I love repurposed junk!


Janene said...

Those are such sweet photos!
I love black and white photographs...there is just something about them...know what I mean?
I love that chalkboard...I want one of those in my of my many projects!
What a great idea with the open shelved spice rack...I like that idea...easier to find things!
Thanks for sharing!

cherry said...

Beautiful I love family have displayed them perfectly.halind

Tracey said...

Lovely photo's and I love your chalkboard cupboard what a great idea!
Love Tracey xxx


What great photos you have of your family, I especially like the one in the boat(; Thanks so much for the visit, and your ? about keeping the couches clean, I just wash them with detergent and a little bleach, but they never get completly rid of stains, I bought extra slipcovers so when they get real bad I will just put on a new cover (: