Friday, January 16, 2009

Table cloths to curtains

Thank you all for your kind advice on my last post. Oh how would love to put a big cubbord or buffet on that wall, but I failed to mention that the room is to small for that. Tracey suggested that I leave it as it is because our house is for sale and who knows how much longer we will be here. Unfortunately I have something called ODD!! That is obsessive decorating disorder...Pathetic I know!! I did discover a great new blog. Be sure and check out Cynthias blog (Cynthias Cottage Design)!! While drooling over her adorable home, I noticed that she had hung aprons from her little shelf in her dining room. I may remove the teacups from my little shelf and try aprons instead. Of course, that means I'll need to be on the hunt for cute little aprons. Oh anyhow, I'll be sure and post photos once I make up my stinkin mind!!

So, I hit TJ Max on Thursday and hit the jackpot! I found two table cloths for $4 a piece. I loved the colors and I think that I will use them for curtains. I draped them over this rod to see if I could live with them or not. Well, I think I can. I'm thinking of adding a panel of coordinating toile and maybe some ball fringe to each one, and of course I'll have to paint that rod and move it up a bit higher on that wall. Now, I'm on the look our for an affordable area rug. I think that will add a lot to this space. Break up all that carpet a bit. Then it's on to those wall sconces. Maybe new shades, or maybe new sconces??

Mr. Rooster found a new home today. We'll see how long he lasts in this spot!

Hope your all well. It was below zero in my neck of the woods today. I didn't think my van was going to turn over this morning, but luckily I got her going and got the kids off to school safe and sound!!


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Janene said...

Jen~That is a wonderfully inexpensive fix! I haven't been to TJ Maxx in such a very long time! Looks like I need to stop there soon!
Stay warm!