Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shhhh...don't tell!

My daughter wanted an American Girl doll for Christmas. Somehow I started getting that stupid American girl catalogue in the mail and she would spend hours thumbing through it, but Would I pay $100 for a doll?? I think not!! I think she's just as adorable and only $20 from Target!! My daughter loves her and she'll never know my little secret.

This is the girls tiny, little room. I think I have squeezed about all I can into this room.

Hot pink walls!! My fave!!! The dresser is from the Pottery Barn outlet. It has a large imperfection on the top. Do I care?? Noooo!! I'm all over those damaged goods, because they are cheap and they end up getting damaged at our house anyways!!

Thrifted jewelry boxes.

Did you all know that Goodwill gets shipments from Target every now and again?? I picked up this duvet cover there. It came with the sham and all. It was still in it's pretty little package and everything. It's a queen size, but I just tuck the edges under the bed.

I picked the chandelier up from a yard sale for only a buck. I gave it a couple coats of white spray paint, added a few crystals and it's lookin real girly. Is it just me, or is it hangin a little crooked. Ask me if I care. LOL.

Isn't this little doll adorable. My sister cares for a little old granny who makes these. She came with a few extra outfits and even a cute little pair of shoes. oooh, look at the dust on that shelf. Gross.

Like I said, this room is small and we have crammed about all we can into it. This is the girls doll house. It's behind the door, so she can't play with it unless her door is shut, but it works!!

You gotta love Target. This rug I picked up on clearance. It's covering up a huge stain on the carpet.

The window valance is a cut up shower curtain with ball fringe hot glued to the edge. It's tacked to the wall with thumb tacks. Yip, I'm all about using what I have.

There you have it....The girls room.

Have a great week everyone!!


WhisperWood Cottage said...

My lips are sealed! No need to hide any of those facts though! Those are bragging rights in my book! It's a beautiful room!!!

Janene said...

There is no way I would pay $100 for a doll either...They end up losing interest in them really quickly and there it is just sitting there collecting dust! So I'm with ya girl!
I love that room and I love it even more knowing that you did all of that either by recycling or thrift shopping! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!

decorator to the stars said...

hi, thanks for making me a favorite :) i love what you did with the spice cabinet, sort of along the lines what i did with my french mirror sunk in the wall. you're a very talented decorator on a budget kinda girl LOL; just like me. do you go junkin' too? keep checking back :) gio

Tracey said...

Hi Jen..Its a lovely room. Dust? its a country accent isn't it? it is in my home, anyway!!!
Tracey xxx

Ms. Tee said...

You did a great job on her room! I'm with you on not minding buying things at outlets that are scratched or dented. I can usually fix them with one of those upholstery pens! With kids running around, it just makes sense! :)

Denise said...

I bought my oldest granddaughter an "American Girl" doll from Target also!! She never knew or cared.

I love all of your thrifty goodness!