Wednesday, April 8, 2009


One set of cabinets down and one more set to go. This crown moulding is just mdf and was only $7 for an 8 ft. piece. I will end up using three pieces, so for just over $20 I couldn't be more pleased with the difference it has made!! Once I had it up and put the first coat of paint on, I realized that I would have to repaint the cabinets as well. I used the same paint on the crown as what is on the cabinets, but the cabinets have yellowed over time and there was no way around it. Blahh!!! My wrists are tired!! I still need to paint the inside of the cabinet too. Would love to splurge on new hinges, but I'm gonna hold off on that.

I took the doors off for painting and now I'm thinking of maybe leaving them off??? What do ya or on???


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I love the difference crown molding makes and I "hear ya" when you say you voiced a few choice words here and there.
How about just leaving some off? I left the doors off one of my cabinets, removed the magnets that held the doors closed and patched where the hinges used to be. Now it's just open faced and I love it. I get to "dress" it anyway I want and it helps make the space so much more cheerful.
PS I am so loving what you are doing with your kitchen. I love your corbels. I have it on my "to do" list to add some to ours, but I need opinions are whether or not I should. My cabinets have a "scroll-y" bottom in front and I wonder if that would compete with the "look" of the corbel. Come over, look at my kitchen progress slideshow and check out the cabinets. Could/would you please give me your opinion?
Thanks and keep up the good work. It's looking FAB!!!

Tracey said...

It looks great! I prefer doors on, that way it doesn't matter if they are untidy.....! that's just me though!!
Love Tracey x x x

Odette Bautista Mikolai said...

hmmm, with doors or without, it just look fabulous!
great work there, jen. give yourself a pat on the shoulder!

Janene said...

WoW! What a difference the crown molding makes!
I love the look of open shelving...and since your shelves are nice and tidy, I would say leave the doors off!
Unfortunately for me, I am not as tidy as you seem to be...So I keep my doors on!

Cottage Lifestyle said...

I would leave the doors off. I am bummed that I let the woman that designed my kitchen talk me out of going with open shelving for the entire kitchen. I have a few open shelves and love it.


Susie said...

Hey Jen, I love the look of the open cabinet but in my house that would never work. My house is way too dusty and I think I would be having to clean out the cabinet all the time.

Kimberly said...

Great job! Your dishes look awfully cute like they are, so you could definitely get away with leaving the doors off.

Anonymous said...

Your micro looks right at home with your beautiful cupboard. Lovely job.

Monica said...

I love the open look, but with dust, I would end up cleaning all day long! So I suggest you doors on.
Your dishes are fabulous.

Jeni said...

It's beatiful! Looks like a cottage. I am loving all your white too. I love seeing how to do something for so cheap...thanks for sharing. And have fun!

The table below is pretty with the birds nest and cage.

Angie said...

That molding makes such a difference! Your cabinets looks awesome! I took the doors off a section of my cabinets in my previous kitchen and used it for a display area. I think it adds some interest.

Jenni said...

Oh, I love the crown moulding! You did a fantastic job on it! Don't you just "love" when doing one thing means you have to do something else, though? It happens around here all the time! I really like the way your cabinet looks without the doors on! It looks fantastic! (And will save you some work!) :)