Sunday, July 19, 2009


Yes, trying to figure out what to do with this mantle has turned into a big pain in my butt!!
I need a neutral eye here people!! Send some advice my way pleeeeease!! You see, this mantle is very long and the space between it and the ceiling is very short. I have a hard time finding much that will fit!! So, I came across this old window that fits perfectly, but I feel like the length of it just draws attention to the fact that the mantle is way long and the space between it and the ceiling is way short. Yes, I'm rambling I know!!

Here are a few pictures of what I have thrown up there.

Take a looksie

and give me some of your best rearranging advice!

I know I can count on you!!


A whole bunch!!!


Caroline said...

Hi Jen..I think you need a couple of bigger items on your mantle. What you have there are all the same size, maybe something with height and width to break it up a bit. Perhaps a picture frame or mirror leaned up against the mantle.

Unknown said...

Hi Jen,
I'm just stopping by. I love the mantle and the window is cool. But, I have no talent for arrangement. I'm not sure if the window is "right" for that spot or not, but I do love it there! Maybe like Caroline said, put some bigger items up there. Good luck and please show us what you decide upon cuz I for one can use the lesson!


Arts and Herbs said...

Maybe you could try putting the items in two groups instead of putting them along the whole length of the mantle, I think that would make it look shorter.

Anonymous said...

Because this whole top is way-horizontal maybe you could put something substantial off to the side that would be slightly vertical. You need to drag the eyes up & away from the horizon...
I know, clear as mud..... Good Luck!!

Maisy said...

Wow...I just love it all.
Now that I say your window it reminded me that I have one that I picked up at the flea market for $5. I better go find a place for it. I hope it turns out as cute as yours.
Happy Sunday!

Unknown said...

its beautiful and classic. Maybe painting the window frame blue aqua color to make it pop! Good luck!

decorator to the stars said...

a grouping of candlesticks, mirror, a small wreath on the window frame, a stack of old books, a candle light; not all of these at once, this is just a sampling of things to use :) gio

Tracey said...

Balls! & a xxx

Karen said...

Hmmmm. I think I would need to see more of the room. Do you need color? Maybe painting the window. I would put more books, take the plate away from under the vase. You need something large.
Geez, I was no help. I need to see more!
Post more pictures of what is in the room!

Elise said...

I liked the idea of hanging a wreath on the window. In fact, I did the same thing earlier in the Spring. I think maybe you have too many of the same sizes, like Caroline said. Do you have large barn stars, or a sap bucket or something taller?? I love the window and I would leave it as I love the layered look.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

I think it looks beautiful just the way you have it! Great job! -Jackie

Susie said...

Looks like you got some good advice Jen. I'm horrible with things like this. I know you will come up with something you like. You always do.

Dawn said...

Hi Jen,
I think you've got a great start. I've been sitting here staring at it for a while. At first I was thinking taller and bigger items but my eye keeps gong back to the short vase on the books.

I think the shape of the vase and the color of the books gives it visual weight, which is good here. It grounds your eye to the mantle and grouping so you don't notice the short space between the window and the ceiling. You might try it in place of the plant and sea shells. Maybe try a larger round white plate tucked just a little behind it like you did on the other side with the sign.

I would keep the bird house, platter and sign where they are, maybe adding your cute little bird in the cage or tucked in between the cage and sign. Visually I think it would have about the same weight as the other end.

Having just the two grounded groupings near each end will say, "This mantle stops here,it's really not so long!"

He, he, he, It's almost 11:00 and I've been analyzing your mantle for a long time... you should see the sketches I did! LOL!Please remember this advice is coming from someone who should be asleep, is hearing voices, and has a cow-head shelf in her dinning room!


Stephanie said...

I love it , I too am looking for one.... I need to look a little harder. I love the simplicity of it, dont change a thing!

Susan@The Cozy Chickadee said...

I like the idea of painting the window frame , AND hanging something off of it. I would scootch the window off center, instead of centering it, and place something taller on the opposite side of it.
You'll get it, I know!