Sunday, November 29, 2009


Slowly but surely we are dragging decorations up from the dungeon. My sister gave me this little wreath last year. She found it at the dollar store. I cut some fresh greens from the woods and tucked them into this artificial wreath for the front door.This is a vintage childrens shovel that I decked out with greens and polka dot ribbon. Horrible picture...I know!! I'm thinkin my camera is on its last leg.

Normally I have this old junky sled on the front porch, but I thought I would try out a new spot this year.

The kids helped me load up on fresh pine and rose hips to tuck into the window boxes. I put lights on them this year to, so they look so pretty at night.

Here's a close up of the dollar store wreath. Pretty cute I think...especially for a buck!!

This is a cookie jar I picked up on clearance a few years ago.

The mantel is work in progress.

Here is my Hobby Lobby reindeer. He has taken much abuse over the years and can barely sit up straight. I had to lean him up against the bricks to keep him steady.

That's it for now folks. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are recouping with a quiet Sunday at home today. It has been a crazy couple of months for us. Our house is up for sale and we have had an interested couple that just can't seem to make up their minds. It can be an emotional process, especially since we have found an old farm that we are crazy about!!

I suppose if it's meant to be it will happen.....
Have a great week everyone!


Tracey said...

Wow! I thought you had decided to stay put! Good luck Jen.....Hope your wishes come true. XXX

white o'morn cottage said...

Oh how I love you decorations. It has put me in a very Christmassy mood!

Unknown said...

LOVE IT ALL! looks great, mantel and the greens are so beautiful!

I just posted my holiday home pics......

Theresa said...

Sweet decorations:) Love the little Dollar Store wreath... beauty doesn't have to be expensive! Love the house, reminds me of the house I grew up in. Have a blessed day!

bubble said...

Good luck with the house Jen!! The decs look lovely! xxx

Anonymous said...

Your decorations are great! You're selling??? Good luck!
I used to love to move inspite of the packing because it gave me a whole new house to decorate BUT since I found this house I am in love with it!!

~ Regan said...

oh good luck on selling your house! That farmhouse looks too good to be true!!! Love love love that metal roof and the gorgeous porch. Good luck, crossing my fingers for you!
haha, got so caught up in the house, I forgot to mention I absolutely adore those wreaths... I'm hoping our dollar store has something good, too!

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

I'll be prayin the couple makes up their mind!!!! Drives you nuts doen't it! Your decorations are so sweet, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

June said...

Jen I love the holiday decor at your house! The greens in the window boxes must be so pretty lite up.
I'm slowly getting the decor up around this place too.
I hope all goes well with the sale of your home.

Susie said...

Good luck with the sale of your home. That can be an emotional roller coaster ride.

Love all your decorations. Everything is looking wonderful and cozy!

blushing rose said...

Oh, Jan ~ What lovely decorations ... you have the 'touch'.

Hope you had a lovely Tsgiving.

Follow me please on our new blog ~ old had too many issues.
TTFN ~Marydon

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh so looks like you've got yourself all ready for Christmas.......if I don't stop blogging and get moving I'm never going to be decorated! :-)

Warm blessings,

Angie said...

Love all the greenery! Looks beautiful!

Jenni said...

Oh everything looks so wonderful around your home! I love your front door wreath, and your mantel is dreamy! I love it! :) Oh, and your window box arrangement, too!

Is the last picture the house you want to buy? It is lovely! :) Okay, and I hope you don't mind buy would you mind telling me what color and brand of paint you used in your living room (where the mantel is)? I am wanting to repaint my living room...looking at colors such as yellow, brown-ish shades, and whites...this bright green we have now is pretty but so hard to find things to go with it, such as curtains! :)

I hope you are having a good week! :) Sorry I'm leaving you a novel to read here!

Melissa Miller said...

Jen how pretty it all looks at your home! I really love the wreath and red stars.
~Beautiful job!

Jenni said...

Hey again Jen,
Just another quick question~ is that Valspar from Lowe's? I am going to definitely check out your color! I am so excited to repaint in our living room the day after New Year's! I wish I had time to do it before we get the tree, but with this kitchen, it just isn't going to happen! :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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