Saturday, May 9, 2009


Happy Mothers Day a wee bit early!! I'll be busy making the rounds tomorrow and won't have time to post. We will be spending the day with my husbands family and then making a stop to see my Mom as well. I put these flowers together for the Moms in my life. I was happy with how they turned out. I'm always on the look out at tag sales and flea markets for cute containers/sap buckets to stuff to the brim with flowers. They always come in handy for last minute gifts. I usually add a little ribbon from my ribbon stash, but I thought these looked pretty enough as is!!

Happy Mothers day ladies!!



Tracey said...

They are lovely, happy mothers day to you Jen.

Christina said...

Happy Mothers Day to you also! The flowers are just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your flowers. They so sweet in their cans. Happy Mother's Day to you and those you celebrate with.

Odette Bautista Mikolai said...

i love it as well! thanks. and i hope your day is just as pleasant, Jen.