Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We have been very busy working in the yard and the gardens. I hope everyone is doing well!!


Christina said...

What pretty garden shots. I love the red tulips. They are so vibrant.

The pink flowers that hang down from the stem are beautiful too.

Love the garden coming alive.

Tracey said...

Lovely arty shots! Are those flowers 'bleeding hearts'?
Tracey xxx

Janene said...

Jen~Those are great pics of your garden! I am extremely jealous!!
My faves are the bleeding hearts...they remind me of my Mom!

Odette Bautista Mikolai said...

pretty flowers all, and you do know how to take picture - postcard perfect!

Unknown said...

Love the bleeding hearts. They are one of my favorite flowers. Beautiful pictures!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love all of your flowers. Bleeding hearts are definitely a spring favorite of mine.

Jenni said...

Hi Jen~
I love your garden pictures! Your flowers are beautiful! I love bleeding hearts flowers! My mom has those in her garden, and growing up, they were always one of my favorites! :) I planted some a couple of years ago, but they didn't survive my "black thumb"...I am going to try again this year though! :) I hope you had a good day!

Susie said...

These are some nice photos Jen! I like the contrast between the red tulip and the hosta.

Happy@Home said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks for stopping by & introducing yourself. I'm always happy to meet new blog friends. I love the name of your blog and can tell it is right up my alley. Your garden looks so pretty. Like a lot of the other commentors I adore bleeding hearts, but don't have any in my yard.

I scrolled back to read about the snake trick your boys played on you. OMG I probably would have passed out if I saw that in my kitchen sink - dead or alive!!

Also, I really like the makeover you did on your kitchen. So pretty.

I will be back to visit.

Dirt Princess said...

Hey...I just found you through Catherine @ Gardener In Progress. How have I missed you! Glad I found you...I am now a follower :)

bg_garden said...

You have a wonderful garden and a delightful Blog. I can't wait to return to see what is blooming next. Please stop by my garden if you have the time.

Happy Spring