Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Deal on dishes

I found this set of dishes at a local estate store. I'm not sure if I really got a good deal, but I sure do feel like I did!

They are Currier and Ives and I ended up paying $50 for approximately 16 place settings. I fell in love with the "Old Farm Gate" scene on the little fruit bowl. The children look so precious, not to mention my dream house in the background.

Ten cups and saucers, but unfortunately my small cabinet can only hold nine. I'll use the lonely tenth for my morning coffee and the other nine can just sit and look pretty.

Now, when we have company for dinner I actually have enough place settings. Yippee!
Bye Bye Chinette!! Hello pretty blue dishes!!


~Beth~ said...

OMGosh yes! You got a great deal on those! You lucky girl! :)

Cottage Lifestyle said...

Love the dishes and the way they are stacked. I think you got a good deal.