Monday, December 29, 2008

Kitchen before/after


We have lived in this house for about seven years now. I feel like it's come a long way, but there are still so many things that I would love to do. Unfortunately, I need to abide by our budget and make do with what we have for the time being. It always amazes me what a can of paint can do. Throw in a bit o repurposed junk and some character begins to shine through.

The paint color on the walls is Garden shed green. We chose that seven years ago when we moved in. It's ready for an update and I am in the process of deciding what the new color will be. Any advice would be welcomed!! I painted all the cabinets white. We added glass to the doors of the cabinets above. I also added a set of cheap brackets to add a bit more character.

We attached bead board to the peninsula as well as the lower cabinet doors. New laminate wood flooring is easier on the eyes than that old linoleum. There is an outlet at the end of the peninsula that always irritated me!! I slapped a set of hooks right over it to keep towels handy. I mentioned in a previous post that hot glue is my best friend, well yep, those hooks are hot glued right on!!

These are the original counter tops. I would love concrete, or butcher block, but these will do just fine. They are gray, so I pretend that they are concrete. I ordered all of the glass knobs and pulls from Target a few years ago, and I still love them to this day!

Does this light fixture look familiar?? It happens to be the one I posted about a few days ago. Yep, we still have it. I gave her a makeover and I think she's here to stay awhile.

The goose neck faucet was given to me by a friend. Free is my favorite four letter word!!

We splurged on the Bosch dishwasher when the old one tanked on us. I'm fine with keeping the white stove and microwave, but I do plan to splurge on a stainless refrigerator in the hopefully near future. With a family of five our little white one is overflowing!!
At the top of my list of honey-do's is crown moulding for the cabinets and moulding around the windows. Can you believe that all of the windows in our house are naked! They have no moulding at all, so I hope to accomplish that soon as well.

Well, It's certainly not perfect and it's not the kitchen of my dreams, but it does finally feel like home. I'm learning to be content and bloom right where I'm planted.

Good night.



Tracey said...

I think its amazing! love the rooster. Tracey xxx

Homemaker Ang said...

I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! I need some help around here but tight on funds at the moment :) with the 2 places!

~Beth~ said...

I love what you have done with your kitchen! You have such a wonderful style!