Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hubby holding a head of broccoli and cauliflower.
This is "snow crown" Cauliflower. We didn't expect the plants to grow so large.

"Gunnison" Onions. Still to soon to pull. They are 1.5 to 2.5" in diameter. Earlier in the season we were using the tops like "Chives" but once they get really big they lose their flavor.

"Starbor" Kale and Brussell Sprouts in one row and Cauliflower on the right. You can just see the Green peppers and Onions on the left.

Cauliflower is ready for blanching. There are about 40 head in this row with another 15 in the "Overflow" area. Hubby couldn't get himself to pitch the plants when he was thinning them so he dug a new area and put them their. He did the same with the Broccoli and Brussell Sprouts.

Half this bed is "sugar snax" carrots and the other is "Bolero". The Bolero is better for storage but other than being a little bigger than the sugarsnax they taste almost the same. Hubby pulled all the Bolero carrots, blanched and froze them. He refertilized the bed and planted another batch that he plans on leaving in the ground until the snow starts to fly. We pull the sugarsnax whenever the mood strikes.

The kids posing with a batch of carrots.

You can hardly see the girl amongst all the green. You can just make out all the potatoes and the corn behind her. The corn is planted outside the fence, so let's keep our fingers crossed that the coons don't have a feast!!

We've been eating a ton of salads and fresh veggies and what we can't eat we've been freezing.
Hubby found an old Scottish recipe called Colcannon. He puts 1/4" of water in a pot, once it comes to a boil he fills it with kale and lets it blanch for 2 minutes then adds a 2" thick layer of potatoes and cooks till the potatoes are soft. We add butter, salt, pepper, oregano, parsley and sometimes we add fresh cauliflower and broccoli with the potatoes. The kids even love it!! I tell ya it feels so good to see them eating such healthy food!!
Off to bed I go!!
Night Night!


Odette Bautista Mikolai said...

wow, such healthy vegetables you produce in your farm!!! are yu gonna sell some ot them?

Susie said...

Goodness Jen what a garden you guys have! Y'all are going to be eating wonderfully for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Oh Yummy!! I can see an old fashioned Vegetable Pot Pie in the future!! Yum......

Dawn said...

Wow, I never knew cabbage leaves were so big! I mentioned your beautiful garden yesterday when I posted about the cottage painting.

Theresa said...

I think a garden is beautiful and love to see the tiny vegies coming on! Yours is gorgeous and so tasty too I am sure! Have a great day:)

Tracey said...

Cor....He's got a biggun!
Fantastic veg Jen, is there anything you aren't good at?!

Christina said...

There is almost nothing more pretty than the rows of green veggies. The carrots are awesome. I have never been able to grow carrots.

Jenni said...

Wow, your garden is AMAZING! I am in complete awe, truly I am! It always surprises me how much better things taste, straight from the garden! My friend next door gave me a couple of carrots from her garden the other day, and they were delicious! Everything you are growing looks so healthy and beautiful! :)

Oh about the birds soap dish, I actually bought it a year ago at Michael's and decided it would make a good soap dish! They sold them this spring too~ maybe they still have them around? If not, they probably will sell them again next spring! Funny thing is, the birds had little painted on black eyes, but I guess the water took them off. I don't mind at all though, and other than that, it's made a fun soap dish! :)

I hope you enjoy your trip and the hot weather! We are SO glad that it has finally cooled down into the 70's like we're used to! :) Take care!

bubble said... good does all that look!! I would never be able to get veg to look like that!! :)


My Shabby Rose Cottage said...

Oh, to have a garden like yours! It reminds me of my grandparents garden back in the old days!

Warm Hugs..Linda

Kathleen Grace said...

Wow! What a great garden! Nothing tastes better than food you grow yourself:>)

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Your garden is GORGEOUS! I would like to see your storage area for your canned/frozen vegetables along about October! I bet it's FULL! Good for you...homegrown is the BEST!

Victoria Williams said...

My gosh, what a garden you have! You should be so very proud of yourselves.

Karen said...

WOW! I am so jealous! I have always wanted to plant a garden like this - but no space for it! I used to just plant yellow squash, zuchinni, beans, tomatoes and herbs. My pumpkins never, EVER grew. Miles of vines, and not one pumpkin. Someone said the bees weren't doing what they were supposed to . . . don't know if that was the case, but after so much disappointment - I finally gave up. (what a wuss!)
I remember the first time my oldest son beat me in a race. I was devastated! They grow up so fast!!!!
Thanks for sharing the garden. That was wonderful!